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Welcome to 2022: Another year full of uncertainty.

In 2019 we bought the house that now hosts the Kunstwerk Gallery, hoping that we could open our doors to the public as soon as possible. The worldwide pandemic has made it practically impossible for us to do that, however, we continue to pursue making the gallery a space that adds art culture to the town of Varel, while sharing our major workshops online for everyone to enjoy on a global scale.

In 2021 we were working hard to make our space an art lounge where you can come enjoy reading art books, looking at amazing art to add to your space, talking about art, creating art, enjoy time with friends over a warm coffee or tea, or renting our backroom for your own private events. The Grand Opening was phenomenal and the first exhibition was a unique experience.

Now it´s 2022, and the world is changing once again. The pandemic is still here, and Putin´s invasion of Ukraine marks the beginning of a new era of uncertainty. Our program will reflect that and we are still committed to contributing not only to the local art scene but also to making the world a better place. And we are more than grateful for everyone who is joining us in our efforts!

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