EXPLORE OUR Permanent Exhibitions

We are hosting a few permanent exhibitions, that will always be on display. Those are projects we deeply care about, and which have had a huge impact on our own artistic careers.

What's this about?

For us, art was always a way of diving into another world, a hobby, a nice distraction. But then we separately started to work on projects, which completely changed our perception of life.

Obviously, those projects are most dear to us, and some of them have already been exhibited at Festivals around the world. Since space at festivals is usually very limited, we decided to host those projects at the Kunstwerk Gallery as a permanent exhibition.

Other projects that are permanently on display are works from artists we deeply admire.

We invite you to have a closer look at those works and experience those artworks in our gallery. All of the projects are explained in detail, either by written artist statements or voice recordings from the artist, which you can access with your smartphone by scanning the QR-code that you can find right next to the artwork in our gallery.

Regierungsviertel by Neele Emma Frisch shows us the government district in Berlin night when things are quiet and only a few people are still out on the streets.

Me, Myself & Emma by Neele Emma Frisch explores the concept of gender identity. This is a self-portrait series, which lets you follow Emma’s path to finding her own identity through photography.

Meera Lehr explores deeper life questions we have, like “Where do I come from? Where am I going?  And why all of this? Meera tries to get a little closer to a possible answer by using an associative photography series to show her own personal view, her knowledge, experiences and feelings, and those of the people who participate in her work.

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