We invite artists of any medium to submit innovative works from around the globe to add to our current exhibition.

This is your chance to not only be among the first artists to exhibit in the newly opened Kunstwerk Gallery, but it´s also your chance to get seen by a wide audience through our social media channels and media partners.

Besides the exhibition, we will select at least one artist, who will be offered to be permanently displayed and represented through the Kunstwerk Gallery.

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This is why you should submit your work now Your Chance

Our jury will select up to 10 participants to add to our online shop and our gallery storefront to be on display at the Gallery throughout the remainder of 2021.

At least one selected artist will be offered a permanent exhibition and representation through the Kunstwerk Gallery.

Get your work seen by our jury, which consists of the Kunstwerk Gallery staff as well as acclaimed experts from the photo industry.

Your work can be purchased directly through the gallery if selected for the exhibition. We charge only a small commission of 35% on all sales.

If you choose, you will receive detailed feedback for the body of work that you submitted.

Shortlisted and winning artists will be published in our Kunstwerk Magazine, which will be available as PDF and in the limited print version.

Get a chance that your work will be promoted through our social media channels as well as through our media partners, even if you´re not shortlisted.

The very simple guidelines for your SUBMISSION

We are looking for artwork of any medium (photography, painting, sculpture, video, performance art, etc.) on a global scale to bring a wide variety of art together to enjoy on a local and global scale.

Participating artists are free to interpret the theme in any way they like, and we welcome new and innovative ideas.

We will accept submissions until the deadline of November 10th, 2021.

All submissions need to be individually submitted in digital form with the measurements of each submission, a price estimate of each submission (including VAT), and titles for each work. We can not accept other ways of submitting your work to us.

Each entry needs to be accompanied by an artist statement, your bio, and the body of work itself. Artists’ resumes are appreciated.  You can upload your submission through our web form, or by sending us a link to a zip file, containing all necessary files.

Photographic work may consist of either a single image or a series, work on video may be up to 15 minutes long. For performance art, please send either a detailed project description or a video clip if you have shown this performance before. Other art forms can be submitted in any way you choose, but please be advised that it has to be in digital form.

Please keep in mind that we can only accept submissions from artists, who have paid the submission fee via PayPal or credit card. You will receive an invoice and confirmation after your submission.

Winning artists will be asked for high-resolution files, which we will use for promoting the artist via our social media channels, in printed publications, and any other way we choose. You will keep all rights to your artwork, with your submission you grant us the non-exclusive right to use your work for promoting the open call and the Kunstwerk Gallery.

Your work is ready? SUBMIT IT NOW

You can submit as many projects/series as you like. But please notice, that each project/series needs a separate artist statement and only one project can be submitted at a time.

While you are required to upload individual photos of a series, you do not need to pay for each upload.  The 19 Euro submission fee via PayPal covers the submission of a series of work. Please not exceed 10 photos within a series submission.

The submission fee is 19 Euros per project. We will use this to cover the costs for printing sales materials for the exhibition as well as marketing to get your work seen.

The upload limit for each project’s .zip file is 25MB. If your file is bigger, you can also send us a link to a file-sharing platform like WeTransfer or Dropbox.

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