Featured ARTISTEmőke Fábián

Emőke Fábián builds layers of beautiful colors;
exploring the many layers of identity with you

Emőke Fábián

Emőke’s work focuses on the intermediate state between the material and the immaterial, between the constant and the ephemeral aspects of existence.

“Our identity is built from both conscious and unconscious parts, which are manifestations of material and immaterial elements. These elements are either constantly part of our self, or they appear and disappear from time to time. In my understanding Identity is a concept which consists of three aspects: spatial, temporal and formal. My works are constructions of space, time and form which manifest themselves in a free and fluid way.

The illusion of space and the forms are achieved through a specific use of color, and the temporal element is present in a way in which it appears as standing still and flowing at the same time. Identity appears in my work as a construction of external and internal conditions, as a form of controlled chaos or arranged mess.” -Emőke Fábián

Emőke explores abstract layers and movements through watercolor, ink, and oil painting.  She invites you to get lost in each layer of her works. What emotions and memories surface for you?

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