It´s in their eyes! – Solo Exhibition Max Ruebensal

Once again, we welcome Max Ruebensal to the gallery – this time with a solo exhibition that will take up every wall and space in between the walls.

Max will be showing works from his new series “Livin in Third Person”. The series features abstract renditions of the human eye/iris, where Max Ruebensal combines his love for human anatomy with his signature colorful, distorted abstract style. Vibrant colors are mixed together in a bright, grafitti-style artwork reminiscent of street art.

Max Ruebensal is a Contemporary German artist, whose works reflect on symbolism, identity, pop culture & the ever-growing digitalization of our everyday lives. Early fascinations for the upcoming digital world of the internet led to graphic design work, drawing, and later conceptual/sculptural art, which became a serious endeavor after finishing high school and returning from traveling around the world.

The following years led to successful art ventures in and off the topic of anatomical art, before Ruebensals was drawn to Shanghai to work with acclaimed artists in an international gallery. Upon return, he transgressed into experimental paint techniques, and years of exploration led to his signature art style that moves along the intersections between abstraction and figuration. Today, Ruebensal lives and works in his studio in Berlin, and much of his recent work combines his early conceptual approaches with his experimental and process-oriented art practice to explore the realms of identity in an accelerating world and society.

July 22 @ 19:00 — August 24 @ 18:00
19:00 — 18:00 (791h)

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