World Creativity and Innovation Day

@olsvoldofficial is taking part in our charity exhibition for Ukraine. We will have several of his works for Ukraine as well as 3 original works.

Have a moment? Take a few minutes to study “The Greatness of Ukraine”. Then, let us know what your thoughts and feelings are.

The Creator of Tsvetnosties (pictures) – OL’SVOL’D creates his works in a state of meditation.

Interaction with the Tsvetnosties consists of contemplation and being in their energy field. After that a person’s thinking, actions, and, as a consequence, the quality of life can be changed (business is being established, relations are being restored, financial flows are improving, hidden talents are revealed, etc.).

Each Tsvetnosti is unique, one of its kind, and has its own specific purpose and powerful influence on people who interacted with them.

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