“Good evening we are from Ukraine.”
A powerful image created by

Hanna Mirgo
“For me now is important to reflect invasion in my county, find new senses for lives of millions people and new forms of femininity. I draw what millions of Ukrainians refuged or staying in Ukraine feeling now. I want to share my femininity and easiness, find balance between fighting and real life.

Before the war, I was enjoying making concept sci-fi art for movies, advertising, cartoons. Also I’ve created a lot of modern abstract art, just reflecting my daily feelings. But now I feel desire speak to refugees and all the world, telling about what war is and making efforts to stop it.

My new theme – “Independence, Femininity, Energy”
I speak with many real people and try to understand what they need, what they are feeling and what goals they see in the future. At the same time, I am looking for new digital techniques and ways to speak with my audience. During the war, my thoughts are filled with hate for the aggressor, sympathy for the suffering people and all those affected by the war, a strong desire to win and, at the same time, I
constantly think about what will happen next and how to build my life. Millions of other Ukrainians experience the same feelings.

I am using many materials in my work, such as oil/acrylic/ink/epoxy resin and any of physical materials that inspires me. But now I can draw only digital art, until I will open new workspace abroad. However,colors, lighting effects and relief are still my main instruments.”

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