Just added in the shop! Here are our top five favorites from ‘s War For Freedom series. Prints available in shop (see bio for link).

Behind each photo is a story. Be sure to follow us for a blog series to discover each woman’s story in the series.

For now, enjoy a teaser about the series…

“War for freedom series are stories of Ukrainians in an attempt to cope with the Russian-Ukrainian war accompanied with their art portraits. I have interviewed and took pictures of 5 Ukrainians, including refugees and the ones that stay in Ukraine currently, in order to illustrate their war experience.

When I ask Ukrainians about their war experience, their first reply is it’s not that horrible comparing to how others struggle. Who are these others? We all are suffering from the war.

And then, Ukrainians open up and share their stories of bombing cities their families live in, burned to the ground neighbourhoods full of Russian occupants their friends miraculously escaped from, of saying goodbye to your husband who has recruited himself to local forces, refugee life and volunteer’s hard work. The courage admired by the whole world, the pain looking at you through their portraits.”-Lisa

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