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From contemporary art to iconic photographs, we will help you find the best art selection for your next project.

Whether you are looking for new art pieces for your hotel or office space, you found the right place to look.

Art in hotels or office spaces is not something new, but the way how guests see art as a vital part of the whole interior design has certainly changed. Not long ago, we saw the same, uninspiring landscapes and flower paintings, printed as a poster, in almost every hotel around the world. Today, guests expect the stay at any kind of accomodation to be an experience. The use of unique artworks has become a neccesity for hotel interior designers.

Our huge network of artists from around the world is at your disposal, when it comes to finding the right art pieces for your project. We know, what difference the right piece of art can make when it comes to lasting impressions.

Our approach to uniqueness

You expect your venue to be one-of-a-kind. To ensure this, you may have hired professional interior designers, experienced construction companies and put a lot of work into finding the best company for furnishing your new space. All that´s left is to find the right partner to take care of your art selection.
We believe, that every space is unique. This is why we do not have any standard selection of art to sell. Each project starts with a conversation about your goals, the intended target group, your budget, and the scope of the project. If you decide to move forward, our next step will be to talk to your designers and propose some general guidelines for the selection process.
If you decide to work with us from this point on, we will start to select the first artists to either commission for your project based on specific requirements, or we will choose from existing artworks available. You will be updated regularly about the process and we will make the first proposal of our recommended art selection.

Our service is not limited to the selection process, we can offer you much more:

  • Production of selected artworks
  • Installing the work at the venue
  • Regular updates of artworks at the venue with our “Rent Art” program
  • Making art available to purchase for your guests
  • Organizing art exhibitions in your venue
  • and more

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