Featured ARTIST Emma Frisch

Emma’s photographic artwork is centered around the idea of finding one’s identity through photography.

As a self-taught photographer, Emma Frisch captures raw and authentic moments and turns them into a story about her subjects. Her work has been compared to Vivian Maier’s style because she refuses to beautify whatever happens in front of her camera.

Her first fine art series, “Me, Myself & Emma”, was exhibited at the Copenhagen Photo Festival in 2020 and the Rotterdam Photo Festival in 2021. The self-portrait series is a testament to the change of gender identity and allows the viewer to be part of her journey. Instead of showing all the hardships of people with a trans background, she focuses on the adventure of discovering her new identity. It’s a story of hope, joy, introspection, and freedom.

Her raw, authentic approach in her work may look unintentional at the first look. On a second look at her work, the viewer almost always discovers hidden hints, which open up questions that Emma refuses to answer directly.

Emma doesn’t stage her photos, especially not for commissioned work. She strictly follows a documentary approach, not stepping into the spotlight to make a scene more pleasing for the eye. Instead, she doesn’t mind if hr models feel a bit uncomfortable in front of her camera. According to her, this is when people are most vulnerable, and true authenticity can be seen.

The work of Emma Frisch is on permanent display in the Kunstwerk Gallery and can be purchased as limited edition fine art prints in several sizes. For inquiries, please contact us and we will gladly help you with any questions you might have.

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