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We stand with the people of Ukraine!

The Russian attack on Ukraine has impacted us all, but most importantly, the people who have to flee from their homes, lost their loved ones, or are still struggling to get a meal.

We as a society have a duty to help as much as we can. And every art collector knows, that art can change the world. The Kunstwerk.Art Gallery has therefore teamed up with artists from Ukraine andwe offer a large print sale to help those in need financially.

All profits from this print sale are donated to Ukrainian families and artists in need.

Upcoming Exhibitions

Kunstwerk Gallery

Located in a small town in the northern part of Germany, the Kunstwerk Gallery is not just a space for art enthusiasts. It is a meeting point for everyone who loves to think outside of the box.  

When we bought the house in 2019, it was in pretty bad shape. After cleaning off the dust, we started to create the gallery space of our dreams:
A place full of art, designed to host workshops, mentorship programs, art-related events, and much more.

Art is the cornerstone of every society, and we believe that art should be accessible to everyone. Art should be experienced, not just looked at. You will find detailed explanations for each artwork, guided tours can be arranged, most artists will be present for the vernissages and we will always be here to answer all your questions. Our gallery is not a place to be quiet, it’s a place to come together and have a great time.

In addition to that, we present work from local artists as a permanent exhibition. Of course, we offer private and public viewings for collectors, schools, or companies looking for a new way of a team-building exercise.

But the Kunstwerk Gallery is more than just a gallery. We are hosting workshops of all kinds. We present a wide variety of workshops, from art to bodywork, from business to relaxation. Our educators are handpicked, and the gallery provides the perfect surrounding for the most creative learning experience you can find.

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